1. Palačinke in omlete (Pancakes, crepes and omelettes)

Published by Založba Kmečki Glas, Slovenia / 2012

Pancakes, crepes and omelettes are one of the most popular dishes of all generations.
They can be prepared in countless ways. You can use them to put together a complete menu (noodles in soup, stuffed with vegetables or meat, desserts, …).
If pancakes are also your favourite dish and you want to prepare them a little differently, this book is perfect for you.
It offers over 80 fresh ideas for quick and easy spice up your menu.
Recipes are classified into: sweet pancakes (crepes), savory pancakes (crepes), omelettes and at the end you will find a few interesting recipes for pancakes, crepes and omelettes from different parts of the world.

2. Gozdna kuhinja (The Forest Kitchen)

Published by Založba Kmečki Glas, Slovenia / 2013

Collection of over 120 creative recipes. In the cookbook you find new ideas for dishes made of forest-grown foods: mushrooms, chestnuts, wild garlic, asparagus, elder, wild berries, hazelnuts, nettles and pine buds. 
Some recipes for taste: Mushroom soup with chestnuts, turkey steaks with wild garlic crust, chestnut sauce for pasta, healthy homemade nutella, forest energy bars, pine buds jam,
elder panna cotta with lemon, raw vegan wild blueberry cake …
Along with the recipes you will find useful instructions, tips, tricks and little secrets of enthusiastic forest gatherer.

3. Moja prva kuharska knjiga (My First Cookbook)

Published by The Foodie, Slovenia / 2017

Cook Up Some Sweet Memories – An Interactive kid-friendly recipe book

Cooking is one of the most important life skills. A fun way to get kids excited about being in the kitchen is to help them make a their own cookbook. With this DIY cookbook, not only do my kids have their favourite recipes in a special place, it’s also a beautiful and fun way to collect childhood memories.


I made my first little cookbook as a child. In the book I wrote and drew recipes that I use to cook with my grandmother. I designed it by hand and titled it “Moja prva kuharska knjiga” (My First Cookbook). Later I lost it and forget about it. It was found after I became a cookbook author, professional cookbook designer and food photographer. It is funny that I used very similar colors and shapes for my “The Foodie” logo and brand identity! 🙂

It was an inspiration for my third cookbook (“My First Cookbook”).